Delta Group activities provides the quality of construction services are based on TQM (total quality management) concept uniting into a single system all types of activities necessary for the satisfaction of Client's needs.

In addition to processes directly related to production, the management system includes: architectural and construction design, the use of cost-effective technologies, hiring and training of personnel, analysis of Clients' feedback, timely receipt of permits and certificates, strict observance of approved timeline of construction overall, as well as each construction phase, preparation of operation set of documents, overall production culture.

Delta Group management sees the quality improvement task not as a phase or certain next step in the company development but as a constant component of the work of each of our employees.

Thus not only the quality management department, but the entire Delta Group personnel are involved in improving the quality of services rendered.

Delta Group hopes that the efforts made in the sphere of quality improvement of construction production would allow us to satisfy the needs of most discriminating clients.

Since 2008, the company's management system is certified to comply with ISO (quality certificate), OHSAS 18001 (health protection and safety certificate), ISO 14001 (acceptable exposure of factory at environment and people health).

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