Objects of cultural heritage



Delta Group can offer the following types of work (according to the Classifier of the Federal Service on Supervision of Legislation in the field of cultural heritage):

I. Scientific research, survey and design work
7. development of design documentation on restoration of cultural heritage (monuments of history and culture):
7.1 objects of industrial and civil architecture;
7.2 buildings and facilities of religious significance;
7.3 building of fortification significance;
7.4 hardscape elements;
7.5 adaptation of history and culture monuments for modern usage.

II. Production work
10. Restoration of ornamentally artistic paintings.
10.1 restoration and reconstruction of coloring facades and interiors.
11. Restoration of decorative plasters and stucco products.
11.1 restoration and reconstruction of plaster finishes and colorings;
11.2 restoration and reconstruction of architectural and stucco decoration;
11.3 restoration and reconstruction of facing by an artificial marble.
12. Restoration of roof coatings.
12.1 repair, restoration and reconstruction of roof.
13. Restoration of metal constructions.
13.1 repair, restoration and reconstruction of metal constructions;
13.2 repair, restoration and reconstruction of window and door devices.
14. Restoration of monuments of wooden architecture.
14.1 repair, restoration and reconstruction of the wooden constructions and components;
14.2 restoration and reconstruction of wood carving;
14.3 biological, chemical and other types of protection of cultural heritage objects.
15. Restoration of monuments of stone architecture.
15.1 strengthening of enclosing structures and anchor systems;
15.2 repair, restoration, reconstruction and strengthening of bases and foundations;
15.3 waterproofing of foundations and enclosing constructions;
15.4 anticorrosive, chemical and other kinds of protection of cultural heritage objects;
15.5 repair, restoration, reconstruction, strengthening of layings, constructions and components of natural stone;
15.6 repair, restoration and reconstruction of masonry.
22. Repair and restoration of engineering systems and equipments of historical and cultural monuments:
22.1 heating, water supply, drainage, ventilation and air conditioning;
22.2 Systems of electrical supply.

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