Saint-Petersburg Underground
Major repair of premises in the Underground Management building (Saint-Petersburg, Zagorodny pr., 74)
Major repairs of nets (recreation camp, Roshino settlement, Leningrad region)
Repair of engineering utility networks and maintenance (The Polyclinic of Underground, Saint-Petersburg, Tramvayny pr., 22).
Facing with marble and granite of underground stations: "Technological institute", "Vladimirskaya", "Vosstaniya square", "Leninsky prospect", "Veteranov prospect"
Major repairs and construction (recreation camp, Roshchino settlement, Leningrad region)
Major repairs and construction (recreation camp, Luzhsky district, Leningrad region)

October railway
Condition survey, development of construction documents for restoration repairs of facades railway station Strelna
Restoration and repairs of Strelna railway station

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Major repairs of Chief Admiralty Building
Major repairs of spire and rotunda at Naval Institute of Radio Electronics (VMIRE) named after A.S. Popov (Petrodvorets, Razvodnaya str., 11)
Major repairs of Sailor's club, St.Petersburg, Truda sq., 5

Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of post-graduate education of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Major repair of utility networks in the laboratory building
Restoration of roofs and facades
Construction and installation work on the preparation of premises for the installation of computer tomograph

Philip Morris Izhora, CJSC
Tobacco factory
Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky district
Reconstruction of a fabrication facilities and utility networks
Design and building of new terminals, warehouses, porches and platforms
Design and building of office premises
Design and building of external networks and local treatment facilities
Reconstruction, documental support and commissioning of the first stage of plant expansion

Philip Morris Sales And Marketing, LLC
Tobacco industry
Saint-Petersburg, Nekrasova street, 14 A
Reconstruction of office premises

Petro, LLC
Tobacco factory
Saint-Petersburg, Petergofskoe shosse, 71
Construction of a new cigarettes production sector
Works for external sewerage system for the new offices
Construction new offices
Construction and installation works on silo premises reconstruction
Reconstruction of workshops and office premises, including utility networks and systems
Construction and installation works on reconstruction project implementation
Reconstruction of a workshop and utility networks

Wrigley, LLC
Chewing gum factory
Saint-Petersburg, Pulkovskoye shosse, 48
Service building and construction works
Reconstruction of treatment facilities
Construction of a new mezzanine of the Factory Building #2 of the "Expansion of the factory, third stage" project
Design and construction of facilities and installation of equipment for gas cleaning

Kraft Foods Rus, LLC
coffee packaging plant
Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky district
Design and construction of the overstory of the 2nd floor of the factory’s main building
Installation of foundations and pipelines of technological tanks
Installation of fencing and lighting

Russian Standard Vodka plant
alcoholic beverages
St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse, 46/2
Construction and installation services
Foundations for process tanks
Wall construction in technical areas
Lightning protection

Coca-Cola plant
soft drinks
St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse, 50
Construction and installation work
Construction of an transformer substation building

Multon, CJSC
soft drinks
St. Petersburg, Sofiyskaya str., 14
Construction and repair works

Petersburg Products International, CJSC
"Gillette” Factory
Saint-Petersburg, Pulkovskoye shosse, 54
Reconstruction of office premises

Petmol, JSC
Milk plant
196084, Saint-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospekt, 65
Construction and installation work

General Motors Auto, LLC
automobile production
St. Petersburg, Shushary
Turnkey construction of a new administrative building, commissioning
Design and reconstruction of workshops and buildings
Building bridge constructions for accessing to the plant area
Construction of roads and parking on the plant, landscaping

Cres Neva, CJSC
Tobacco factory
Leningrad region, Lomonosovsky district
Developing detailed design and installation of easily discharged constructions

automobile production
St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Marino
Installation of process equipment

Work on fire protection of metal structures, including the drafting of fire protection:
Multifunctional logistics terminal "A" class at the Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, Novosaratovka, industrial zone Utkina Zavod'
Building of the hotel and business center in the business district "Pulkovo", St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse
International Paper, CJSC, Leningrad region, Svetogorsk
Sewage pumping station in the southern part of St. Petersburg
Administrative and production building, St. Petersburg, 3rd Upper lane, 12-A
Atrium, St. Petersburg Zoological lane, 2/4
School № 382, Krasnoye Selo, Kingiseppskoye shosse, 10-A
School № 6, Vyborg, Pervomayskaya street, 12
Car Services, St. Petersburg, Marshal Govorov st., 37-A
Fire protection of metal structures supporting translucent atrium, St. Petersburg, ul. Galernaya, 73-A
Fire protection of metal structures, St. Petersburg, Pargolovsky lane, 8
Gas station, Highway "Scandinavia", 98 km
Gas station, St. Petersburg, territory enterprise "Ruchyi" section 92 (Belyaevka) - Shafirovsky
Gas station, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, an array of Scotney
Gas station, St. Petersburg, Pesochny Village, Beloostrovskoe shosse
Gas station "Statoil", St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe shosse
Peterhof, Oranienbaumskoe shosse 1

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